NEWS - October 2018 - #1

It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce that my bronze relief sculpture, "A Light in the Darkness" was one of 43 works selected to be part of the National Sculpture Society's Elected Members Online Invitational Exhibition

The submitted sculptural works were juried by Mr. Gordon Alt, current Executive Director of the John Cavanaugh Foundation, in Washington, D.C.

What an honor it is to be able to be counted among the contributing sculptors in this exhibition - especially with a commissioned work focused on my much beloved aquatic world! Splendid news, indeed!






I am so very grateful for the chance to once again share a work speaking into my life's (sometimes unusual) crossroads with nature and the deep fascination that such interactions have instigated.

*** My sincerest thanks to Mr. Alt and to everyone at the National Sculpture Society who has made this online show a possibility. The collected works make for a beautiful exhibition. Enjoy!


A Light in the Darkness - The Story

 "One day I found myself sitting in a local restaurant at the bottom of the Izu Peninsula in Japan, eating a seafood stew which I could not place the taste of and the name of which (though I had ordered it) I could not read. Having inquired of my waitress, what pray-tell was the unique creature within the bowl, I was met with an apologetic bow. Neither she, nor I, could bridge the language barrier. Upon finishing my meal a different member of the waitstaff scampered over with his phone. On it was the picture of a lantern fish. What a strange, Illuminating and thought-inspiring meal...


... And so, I stowed away the chopsticks with which I had dined  - and upon my return to my studio, I sculpted this piece with the self-same chopsticks, two nails and a bit of guitar string.

Thus, may I now also present to you, "A Light in the Darkness " - the rather unusual result of my crossing of paths with a creature of the deep at a very challenging juncture in my life - which ultimately developed into more of a metaphorical self portrait, than a documentary of events...


IN EXPLANATION: When navigating the difficulties and shadowy valleys of life, one must take great care. However, one must also remain ready for and receptive to the situationally unique "Virgils" which appear along the way to light the path ... Without adversity, all too often one misses out on the very best of unexpected traveling companions."

JD. Welsh 2016

© 2017 Jeremiah D. Welsh 

"And so to it, the road ahead awaits ..." JDW