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For 15 years I worked as a professional contractual sculptor for the clientele of an international bronze foundry. During this time I was engaged to complete plastiline sculptures for bronze and aluminum metal casting applications - meeting the needs, requirements and requests of each individual client and contract. On average I handled 150 to 200 contracts a year. The images pictured above are not based on my original artwork, but rather are sculptures I completed to the specifications of clients requiring bas relief sculptures for pre-determined settings. They are not for sale and may not be reproduced. These sculptures are displayed here to visually manifest my particular skill set and to demonstrate (if in part) the variety of subject matter which I have been asked to undertake.


For more information regarding Jeremiah's contractual background and/or to view additional examples of his work completed for foundry clientele please contact the artist via the link below: 


Contact Jeremiah Welsh

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