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NEWS - July 2019 - #2

As another piece of happy news to share this summer - Hailstorm Maelstrom, Prickly Poppy Field has been selected to be included in the July Issue of Western Art Collector's - special sculpture section, by Mr. John O'Hern, entitled "Collector's Focus - Western Sculpture - Form & Figure." 


I am so very grateful for the chance to once again speak quietly into the art world of the gift that living, dynamic nature is to me!

What a happy surprise and What an honor it is to be counted as one of the featured artists in this article!

Hailstorm Maelstrom, Prickly Poppy Field

featured in 

Western Art Collector article,

"Collector's Focus" by Mr. John O'Hern


My sincerest thanks to Mr. O'Hern, for his selection of my sculpture and for his superbly written commentary that accompanies it. It is simply wonderful to find one's work valued and appreciated with such thoughtfulness.


And so ... One creative day at a time ... One step forward at a time ... With patience, courage and gratitude I will travel onward - sharing forward my vision of this remarkable world.


May time be a kind companion ... and may the road be rich with wonderment and joy.  JDW


Here is the original sculpture dialogue I wrote for Hailstorm Maelstrom, Prickly Poppy Field:

"The quiet summer afternoon was turned white by a fast falling wall of ice - shredding the earth with leveling force and mounding shattered leaves across the meadows into barrows of confetti. Like barb wire, the now headless fiery shafts of the prickly poppies were strung with the broken and pierced forms of tiny birds - bleeding forth feathers into the post-storm breeze... a dreadful panorama of desolation and loss. My mind was turned to Flanders and the frightful writings of Wilfred Owen. A generation, lost...and at what cost? One can but speculate upon the impact."  JDW

© 2017 Jeremiah D. Welsh 

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