"The natural world is what I turn to to refresh and recharge. I am astonished by its complexity and beauty. Delicate and monumentally powerful, nurturing and harsh, filled with humor and deadly serious - it is a celebration of captivating polarities. I am awed, enchanted and humbled by it. Nature is for me the greatest of sanctuaries." JDW


The North American Wild Collection is an ever growing body of work that is inspired by my wanderings in the woodlands, meadows, wetlands, waterways, mountains, deserts and seashores of the United States. Through this collection, I hope to preserve some of the beauty of the still remaining open-spaces of this remarkable country and to document their unique inhabitants.

Though this collection was put on hold for several years during my stay in Japan, now that I have returned to live in the foothills of Colorado's Front Range, I am thrilled to be adding additional pieces to this wildlife series once again.

The collection referenced above may be reviewed in its complete form by galleries and buyers upon request. Please contact the artist for more details and/or to access his online fine art portfolio of sculptural works (linked below). 


Jeremiah D. Welsh - Sculpture Portfolio

© 2017 Jeremiah D. Welsh 

"And so to it, the road ahead awaits ..." JDW