The Koto-ku Collection is a body of work that is inspired by my daily life in and affection for the wonderfully intricate and naturally rich neighborhood of Koto-ku, Tokyo which I called home for three years. Each day as I walked through the streets and along the canals surrounding me, I found myself unexpectedly caught off guard by the dynamic natural life and beauty of my environs. Koto-ku insistently inspired me and continues to do so as I reflect upon my time spent there. I am honored to have called this community my home and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to document a small part of it. 

The present collection consists of fourteen works. Eight of these works have already been translated into bronze. All other sculptures are molded and ready to move into the foundry. 


The current set is available for viewing by request of the artist. Galleries interested in displaying this collection are welcome to inquire as regards the availability of these sculptures.


More to come ...


The collection referenced above may be reviewed in its complete form by galleries and buyers upon request. Please contact the artist for more details and/or to access his online fine art portfolio of sculptural works (linked below). 


Jeremiah D. Welsh - Sculpture Portfolio