NEWS - December 2019 

It is with great pleasure that I would like to inform you that now my relief sculpture, Northern Torsion, Pike and Bull, has now been installed in the the National Sculpture Society Gallery in Manhattan, to be displayed as part of The Award Winners Exhibition. 


The Award Winners Exhibition will be running from Nov 25, 2019 - Feb 1, 2020. 

Northern Torsion Pike and Bull has received the Marcel Jovine President's Prize in the National Sculpture Society 86th Annual Awards Exhibition - 2019.


The Marcel Jovine President's Prize is given to "a realistic work, preferably in bas relief."

What an incredible opportunity to share both this individual work, as well as my dedication to and unique vision for bas relief with the visitors, artists and collectors who stop by to explore the new NSS Gallery in New York City!







My sincerest thanks to to everyone at NSS headquarters their time and energy in making this wonderful exhibition possible!


Further, my thanks to each of the other award winning artists whose work was in this exhibition! 

Finally, my sincerest thanks to the remarkably talented, skillful and thoughtful people at Bronze Services of Loveland! It is splendid to work with each and every member of the foundry team!


My very best wishes to all!! JD

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Northern Torsion, Pike and Bull's sculpture's dialogue reads:

"With a swirl of dark water, the trajectories of two extraordinary predators - invasives and cannibals alike - collide and entwine. Then with a splash and an undulation of ripples, the watery curtains close with seeming resolution. Yet all is not well. Whatever the outcome of the encounter, ecological balance is evidenced as being skewed one small step further from center and the narrowing of species is made manifest. The slope that we have set our world upon is a slippery one and Nature harkens to us to heed its signs of warning…" JDW

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Additional images of Jeremiah's work are available through the National Sculpture Society website's Elected Member's page. Jeremiah's individual NSS website feature is linked below. 

Jeremiah D. Welsh - National Sculpture Society Web Page

© 2017 Jeremiah D. Welsh 

"And so to it, the road ahead awaits ..." JDW