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NEWS - August 2016

My deepest gratitude and thanks to AMERICAN ART COLLECTOR magazine for the thoughtful attention which they have afforded me as part of their 83rd Annual Awards Exhibition feature article.

The presentation of the photograph of my low relief sculpture, Mayflies and Trout Rise, Okutama River as well as the supporting commentary regarding myself and my work are absolutely stunning - beautifully displayed and manifesting written excellence. Truly,  I could not have asked for more! 

The feature article presents works from seven of the 45 sculptures juried into the 83rd Exhibition and I am incredibly honored to have been pictured in one of two full-page positions within the article.

Please support this beautiful national publication by picking up a copy of the issue and let the editorial staff know that you enjoy what you find within! - JDW

Mayflies and Trout Rise, Okutama River - cast bronze - as presented by AMERICAN ART COLLECTOR magazine's feature article: Sculptural Achievements: National Sculpture Society's 83rd Annual Awards Exhibition

© 2017 Jeremiah D. Welsh 

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